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As i prepare to start my internship, there are definitely certain things i am looking forward to. As a law intern, i look forward to wearing business clothes and suits, attending court room proceedings, and learning essentially all i can about the law and how it works. But if there is one goal i am hoping to take out of this experience it would be advancing my education. Law School is the end goal dream for me, but I’m not quite sure what it requires to actually be a lawyer. I am hoping this internship will educate me enough to make a decision on whether or not i want to continue on this path, or perhaps find something else to work towards. At the end of this internship, i hope to gain skills that will make me become a better lawyer. By watching certain lawyers work with clients in different types of law, i can pick up on certain tactics they use to negotiate or even how to talk to difficult clients. I also want to gain contacts for the future, because one day these lawyers may be judges or partners in a new firm that i hope to be a part of someday.

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