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Work culture is an important aspect to most internships. Most interns struggle because they do no want to disrupt the culture of the foreign office they are entering- at least this was for sure a thought in my head as I began my first week at Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White. No one wants to be the intern who “gets in the way” or does more hurt than good around the office. I was fortunate to have a personal relationship with my employer before my internship even started, so this definitely helped assuage any nerves I was having. To me, work culture changes throughout every office, but the most important aspect towards it is learning how to adapt to the precedent, and finding a small way to add a personal touch towards it. My employer was excellent at making everyone in the office feel connected and always asked them personal questions and made them feel noticed. I tried to mimic this in any way I could, by asking those around me about their children, weekends, and basically anything going on around the office. There was a major age gap between me and the other lawyers, so I tried to seem as mature as I could, without overstepping and trying to get in their “adult” conversations too much. I haven’t even take a law class yet, so I figured I wouldn’t be much help when actual legal jargon came into play. If there was one thing I wish I could have improved on in my professional growth would be to ask more questions. At times I felt that because I’m not a law student i didn’t want to ask “stupid” questions, but these questions could very well could have helped improve my own knowledge and serve as a refresher for the other lawyers. The work culture at Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White was very easy to adapt and adjust to, which made me very excited to go to work everyday.

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