Blog 3

As I reflect on my internship and my identity throughout it, I would have to say that the identity that I saw in a different light would be my gender. I was always aware of some of the gender inequalities and differences that women go through, but I had never experienced them first hand. Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White did not have many gender issues, but there were some small things that I picked up on as I observed the office atmosphere. For example, all of the head partners of the firm were male- indeed they were excellent and very successful lawyers, but they were all male. There was also a stereo-type of how women had to dress around the firm. There was one instance when I was shadowing a lawyer from the firm while he was working in the district court, and his client asked why he brought his girlfriend to work. I was a little insulted because I was dressed very professionally, in a pants-suit and heels, and yet because I was younger looking I was confused as a significant other instead of someone from a legal background. I never really paid attention to gender issues in our community because I never felt the direct result of them. But after interning this summer, I can see how it would be hard for women in the law industry to be taken seriously because of certain stereotypes, but if anything it has driven me to want to become a lawyer even more to prove to others that I am capable of becoming a serious and dedicated lawyer.

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