Blog 5

On my second week of this internship, I did make a monumental mistake. Looking back on it, the situation seemed worse in the moment than it turned out to be, but when it was happening I definitely felt like it was one of the biggest mistakes I could make. I was tasked with calling hospitals and medical facilities to see if there were any medical balances left, and if so how my client could pay them and where to send their bills. There was one specific hospital that I could not find a telephone number for. I spent 20 minutes searching the internet and calling different centers of the hospital, but could not get in contact with their billing department. I felt like I had let my supervisor, Laurel, down and that I was more of a nuisance for her that she now had to go back and do this task herself. I thought that I had completely messed up and ruined any chance of getting another task in the office again that wasn’t making copies. But the next day, Laurel gave me another client and more hospitals and billing departments to call. It even turns out that Laurel could not find the department’s number either, so what I mistook as a colossal mistake, actually turned out to be not that big of a deal. This turn of events definitely helped me to relax around the office more, and to trust my instincts and understand that I am an intern, and I am going to makes mistakes- and that is 100% okay.

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