CDOB # 3

Week five and six with the Department of Building were very slow. Assignment for interns slowed up a quite a bit. This was the worst part of my internship because lots of the interns stopped coming in. Had I not earned a scholarship to do this internship I wouldn’t have come either. The problem with this city department is that they hired too many interns. We completed work that would have taken us three months, we finished in a month. Without real work, a lot of interns really didn’t want to come and I lost people to feel fellowship with. I dreaded nearly every day because I would be assigned to sort through some papers or just close out some cases. This was the worst part of the internship and I literally got an internship with Lurie’s Children Hospital to make my life more interesting. This in internship was already planned but it was the change I need in my schedule. The children hospital affords me the time to work on projects and feel of our society. I really hate the paper work of the Department of Buildings because the paper work has no impact on society. Working with the hospital allowed me to feel special and meet a public health professional. This professional not only offered me connects but offered information about what I need to study in getting placement in a graduate program. This hospital saved my summer because the department was failing me big time.

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