Informational Interview 1

Throughout my time at Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White there was one individual that I worked very closely with- Lucas. Lucas was the law clerk to my advisor Craig. He currently goes to George Washington Law School in D.C. Throughout our interview, I asked Lucas all sorts of questions, like how did he choose which law school to apply to and what kinds of classes he has taken/ advises to take. Lucas wants to get into medical malpractice law (aka the big bucks) in the future, so he took medical law classes almost every semester so he could maximize his education. Lucas was very helpful at sharing his process through law school and how he ultimately chose to study in D.C. The most important piece of information I received from him would be to study where I want to practice law. That’s why my school decision will be such a tough one, because ultimately im choosing where I will be residing for a significant amount of time. The other person I interviewed was my advisor, Craig Zissel. He is a family friend, but an even better lawyer. He shared his process throughout college, and then his journey through law school. It was interesting because Craig said he didn’t remember much of what he learned in law school, but that he is still always learning about the law and new ways to interpret it. The most valuable piece of information I received from Craig would be to continue reading and learning even after law school. Because there is always a new case or some new technique to utilize and help you become a better lawyer.

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