Informational Interview 2

Outside of my internship, I interviewed Glenn Neubauer and Terrence Quinn. Glenn was a contact that I made throughout my internship, and he allowed me to shadow him for a day during his tenure at the Annapolis District Court. Glenn had an interesting journey to become a district attorney. He actually never went to law school before becoming a law clerk for Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White- which is very rare as most law clerks are current law students. The most important aspect I took away from my day with Glenn is that not every journey is the same, but it is the end goal that matters. Terrence Quinn is a local estate planning lawyer, who actually was a part of the 1997 National Champion football team here at Michigan. I was put in contact with him throughout the MPACT offices, and I have to say this interview with him opened my eyes to multiple aspects of the law. After experiencing both personal injury and estate planning, I think I have more of an inclination towards estate planning law. Terrence made it some like client- lawyer relations were an important aspect of his day to day responsibilities, and I feel like that suits my strengths more. I feel like I can be very personable, and I may have a hard time persecuting another client about medical bills and injuries if I don’t quite agree that there is indeed a law suit at hand. Terrence was also very real in that estate planning documentation can get quite tedious, but his relationship with his clients and other lawyers really drew me in to consider estate planning law. He also said that he doesn’t go into court quite as much, which was also an attractive factor to consider towards that type of law.



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