My internship is coming to an end! *Drops tear*

This has by far been the most rewarding internship that I have ever done! The relationships that I made will last a lifetime. When I first got the internship I was very hesitant on if I was actually going to gain much from the experience. This wasn’t a normal office job or a low level internship where I fetched coffee all day. I got to work face-to-face with my clients everyday.

I plan to use the skills that I learned during this internship to help with my patient interaction once I become a physician. Communication is a key factor in the medical field and being able to talk with my clients through some of the roughest times of their life has helped me understand the importance of client trust. Though this internship was not directly in my field of work, I would strongly consider getting this internship again next year! In addition, for anyone else that wants to work in the medical field community work is a great way to get experience.

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