A Good Ending| Blog #5

DTE has been great to me and I had a full summer with them.However,  it does not feel like I have been here for as long as I have. I gained many connects and learned a lot of unexpected lessons. However, I am glad to say that I’m going back to the school and the best lesson I learned is to relax. I have spent so much of my time rushing to get out of school to get a job because I’m tired of being broke. However, as I spend my weeks working forty plus hours, it made me appreciate my school year. It was great to be making more money than I usually do, but I found myself a little stressed and drained from waking up and doing the same thing day after day. College gives me variety with extra things to do within organizations and events. I learned what it truly means to enjoy your undergrad experience. You can not get the experience of college from anywhere else, especially undergrad. Therefore, DTE has helped me decide to enjoy the process of every stressful class and pack of Raymond noodles. Best of all, I always thought that I would like to work in an office, but my internship has also opened my eyes to realize that  I’m too much of a busy body to do that. I also enjoy human interaction. I find it draining to spend eight hours with my eyes glued to a computer and hands glued to paper work. I know that my position included helping people in an indirect form by keeping gas in their homes, but I would much rather help from a closer, more effective way. Overall, I have had a great time and will miss everyone dearly. I thoroughly enjoyed the jokes and, best of all, the advice I’ve received.

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  • September 11, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    You touched on a point that I hadn’t thought about yet. Getting up and working throughout the week definitely makes me appreciate the relaxation I get in undergrad, even though I don’t feel like I get any. It’s a subtle reminder not to rush in adulthood. I also think it’s great to see an internship offer more insight on who you are as a person instead of just reaffirming that you want to go into this certain field.


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