Blog Post 5 – Caleb Bohn

As my internship has ended, I have had some time to reflect on all my experiences. Working at Arbormoon has shown me some of the benefits of working at a smaller company. You get to know everyone pretty well and work as a team. On the other hand, there aren’t quite as many resources as there are at a larger company. I previously thought I would prefer working at a smaller company but I know have gained a little more insight and may choose to explore larger options next year. I was able to work many different positions and fill different needs as there was not a large team at Arbormoon. I learned how to communicate with the boss of the company because I spoke to him everyday which you don’t typically get at other places. I would suggest to future students looking at internships to do a lot of research into their company of choice to really learn what they are getting into so that they have reasonable expectations.


Caleb Bohn

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