Leadership | #3

During my time at Servant Systems, I have had numerous interactions and experiences that have taught me a great deal about leadership and management. Primarily, I have learned the critical characteristics that separate the two. Several times a week, we have meetings to discuss each individual’s progress on the company’s main project. This forum is a regular platform to present shortcomings, improvements, comments, concerns, and other things in an attempt to streamline things. Here is where I learn about the dichotomy management versus leadership. In these meetings, the managers speak up about what is going wrong, what needs to change in order to accomplish our goals, and how workloads should be changed and reallocated in order to speed things up. The leaders step up in order to talk about what is going right, how every individual is contributing, and what we are trying to accomplish as a single unit. This has been a great experience to learn about what effective leadership looks like. I’ve learned that leadership does not involve exemplifying one’s role as greater or more important than the rest, but rather puts their examples in the context as one of the group, and leads from within than from in front or behind. Moreover, I’ve had experience in seeing how a leader uses experience to facilitate progress. Specifically, how my supervisor uses his experience in the software engineering industry to his advantage, and uses it to help my work as some with no professional experience in the field. He frames things to show how, even though my work may be of lower importance than his, we are both equal stakeholders on problems we cooperate on. This is effective leadership because it puts the desire to work and the validation of solving the work item in my hands. Overall, what I have learned about leadership has consisted primarily of involving others by making the group the crucial actor, and involving individuals by making cooperation the responsibility and privilege of all those involved.

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