Goals for New Starts #1

First day in Quicken Loans was more than exciting.

During the Jump Start, several guests gave us loads of motivating speeches. From history of Quicken Loans, company development and challenges, founder Dan Gilbert’s ambitions and talents, to the current situation and accomplishment of the company, Quicken loans’ ISMs (company culture), I had the chance to get a deeper understanding of this amazing company in Detroit – Motor City of Michigan. Wohoo!

When standing in front of the French window of Chase building and facing the whole view of Detroit city, mixed feelings flooded in my heart. Starting from today, I will leave my familiar campus and life as a student, and dive into the adult world. That is an unknown world where no one specifies right or wrong to me, where I need to learn from falling and pains, where I may face difficulty in finding genuineness and supports. I need to finding the meanings by myself.

The first question came to my mind was what’s my expectation for this internship? The answer is clear. Develop my industry knowledge and professional skills. To break down a little bit, Quicken Loans is the top online mortgage lender in US, so I would want to figure out its full business line and learn the operation process of a mortgage loan.

With my primary goal in mind, I’m thrilled in starting my trip and figure out more meanings of this summer.

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