The End I #5

After a long and enjoyable internship experience, my internship is finally over. There are many invaluable things that I have gained from my experience. Being a Cellular and Molecular Biology student at the University of Michigan, it is crucial to gain experience in the field of biology outside the classroom. You can read all about biology in texts, listen to lengthy lectures by professors, but it is crucial to see how biology is practiced in the field. This opportunity gave me time to experience various techniques and projects in relation to centromeric biology. I got experience in doing techniques such as mitotic spreads, making and running SDS-PAGE gels, gel filtration chromatography, perfecting immunofluorescence, and many other things. It is unusual that someone will be good at the techniques the first time they try them. Therefore, being in the lab for the summer, I was able to fine point these techniques. Besides the lab portion of the internship, biology is also as I like to call it “a team sport.” If there was no communication about findings among biologists, not much would get accomplished. This summer, I also got to experience presentations given by renowned people in the field. Not only did I hear presentations, I was able to practice making and delivering a presentation in the lab as well.

For anyone thinking about joining a research lab, they should definitely do it! The only way to gain real world experience is through joining a lab. You learn what a life of a biologist is through participating as one. It is something that a textbook cannot replace. This experience has helped me gain further appreciation on all the things that researchers have to do. It is incredible time commitment to help expand your subfield of biology. All in all, this was an incredible experience and I am very appreciative of the opportunity that I was given.

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  • September 11, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    I’m so glad that your internship gave you a wonderful experience. I don’t know if you’ve said this before, but I’m interested in knowing who some of the renowned biologists were. I think it’s also really important that you said you think about biology as a “team sport” because I completely agree.


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