Blog Post #4

Realizing what I really want to do is something huge that I have learned and gotten out of this internship. I was placed on the social media team of the site that I had been working for and really had a passion for this side of things.

This made me realize that I was more interested in the PR (public relations) side of things rather than being an actual sports journalist. I still, however, am interested in the sports world hoping to land a position at a minor league team of some sort and work my way up by running PR/social media for sports teams. I really enjoyed making headlines for things/coming up with witty sayings revolving around players/teams names as well as learning the ins and outs of posting highlights.

I also was taught the basics of photoshop and some video editing, which are skills that could prove very useful for myself in the future of this PR field with the hope that I can eventually be producing content for professional sports teams.

The process of creating an image, brand, and creating slogans for teams/events/players really interests me and I have a ton of fun doing it and I can really see this as something that I could have a passion for if I get lucky enough to land a job in this field.

In my next blog post, I’ll wrap up the whole internship experience as well as give how I felt about it all.

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