Summer Blog Post #6

After recently completing 4 months at Quicken Loans, this internship confirmed my path. The aspects of this role that excited me the most was that I was using numbers to help improve the company’s revenue inflow. By working on the QL wholesale program, I generated leads and partners to help lead to over 600K in revenue so far, as this project is growing rapidly. Working on this team allowed me to analyze numbers, create reports, and do research, which were all aspects I was initially interested in and eventually enjoyed. The areas that I need to develop in are my attention to detail. Being in a Finance role, attention to detail in excel sheets or presentations are very important because one incorrect number can change a lot of predictions and analysis. Therefore, I need to work on being more focused and precise when doing my work. This internship made me realize that working in the Finance field in the Financial Services industry is what I want to do long term, and so with my remaining time at the University of Michigan, I hope to take Finance related and Financial Markets related classes. I want to take these classes so that I can better understand Finance and the role finance plays in the economy and the Financial world, therefore hoping to achieve my goal of being a Financial Analyst in the future.

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