Goals for this summer!

Going into my internship in New York, I had very little expectations since the work I had been doing as part time was very little. Every day my job was just to write a small blog on recruiting or industry insights, with some days where they would ask me to reach out to prospective mentors through LinkedIn. Everything was very light. Therefore before going in, I set myself a promise that I would do something in the marketing department that would make an impact, such as graphics designing or maybe event planning itself. I was maybe hoping to also get a return offer and become a long term member of this company, someone who was recognized by my coworkers and made actual impact and improvements to the company. I was also hoping to finally get a chance to taste what it was like to be financially independent, which was my second goal for the summer. This means that I had to make sure that I would be able t0 budget properly between New York costs, daily expenditures among other things. My third goal towards this summer, though not related to work, was to explore the whole of New York. I had been to New York three times already and I still hadn’t explored everything, which I found to be quite sad. Therefore I set myself to plan something for at least one day of the weekend.

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