Stock Pitch Presentation | #4

One thing I’ll never forget about my summer experience is my stock pitch presentation. All of the interns were divided into 5 teams and assigned the project. Our assignment consisted of choosing a company backed by Stifel research and preparing a stock pitch for that company. We were given nearly the entire internship for this assignment in anticipation of presenting at the end of the summer in front a boardroom full of faculty (senior executives were even in attendance). My team, comprised of 4 interns including myself, presented Molson Coors Brewing Company. My role on the team consisted of research, specifically researching the alcoholic beverage industry sentiment and its competition. In conducting research however (which I shared with another intern), my intention was to provide catalysts, whether macroeconomic or company specific, to the two other interns who conducted the financial analysis. Our goal as an entire team was to bring our work together to present the company as well suited for growth over the next 5 years, with the potential of increasing its stock price (that was currently at its 52 week low) more than 20%.

Our strategy paid off. Although the company did not realize the growth we had hoped, we were still able to give a solid presentation backed by strong numbers and ended up placing 2nd in the friendly stock pitch competition. I had never experienced presenting a stock pitch, or any of the preparation that went into it for that matter. Even though it was very new, I loved every bit of it. It was not just my passion for finance that allowed for me to enjoy it either. I was able to appreciate just being a part of a professional team working towards a common goal – and to do so for an extended period like that and then finally present it in front of nearly all of Stifel is an experience not many get to have so early on in their professional career.

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