Value the Diversity #3

Nestled in the heart of downtown Detroit, Quicken Loans is all about employee satisfaction. The company is on a mission to change the way that people look at Detroit and to focus on creating a friendly and inclusive culture for the team members. During the Jump Start, I learned there are about 45% women employees and 43% of them are in manager position. And about 26% is in minority group. This number shocks me a lot. Since back to my hometown, not a single company cares so much about the influence about diversity equity and inclusion in workplace. Not to mention loads of employee benefits – women can take up to three months of maternity leave, communication and openness is encouraged throughout the workplace hierarchy and each week, workers are allowed four hours to develop any creative ideas, even if they are not company related.

We were told on the first day, there are three level of misconduct in the office. Not respecting to diversity is ranked as the unacceptable. As I noticed, it is because Quicken Loans stressed so much about equity and inclusion, that employees, especially minority group feels welcome and valued, and are more than motivated to contribute their efforts. That is one of the recipe for the success of Quicken I guess.

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