Had been and Going Beyond #6

My role as a data analyst intern really excited me a lot and taught me loads of real world practices which I have never touched in school.

My concentrations in school are math and computer science. So when I first came to work, I thought I would bring my solid computational skills to the project. However, real life is never an ideal assumption. Most of my job, although using some of the math and statistics, is not requiring deep knowledge. On the contrary, more soft or interpersonal skills were required a lot. For example, when I built a model, the hard part was not involving in complex computations, rather, was to explain the mathematical computation to my non-tech leader. How to briefly interpreter a deep concept in layman language was a bottle neck to me.

So after I go back school, I am more targeting when choosing classes. I noticed lack of statistical knowledge pained me a lot when I chose between different models. And also some topics, such as data mining and regression, are used a lot for data analysts. So I plan to take more stats classes when I go back to school.

This summer has been a harvest season. I identified my weakness through hand-on work and became more targeted about my class choice.

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