Information Interview #8

One week before my internship ended, I interviewed the team leader of one BI team – Liz. This Business Intelligence team supporting Client Relationship team. Client Relationship is a huge segment in Quicken, and has the most complex information, which adds much more varieties and difficulties when analyzing its data. But on the other hand, this challenging job also arouse my interests about this team.

Liz is different from other leaders at the first impression. Energetic, ambitious and analytical were the first descriptive words came to my head. When talking about what the team does, Liz not only gave me a clear structure of the team assignments, different members supporting corresponding business platforms, but also mentioned how the team functions in the whole organization. This completely changed my view of this BI team. Rather than only focusing on supporting a single business area, Liz cares more about how to make impact to the whole company, and how to develop the global view of all the team members. She said, every one can be an expert in a specific concentration, but a leader should always have a higher view of the big picture. Only when you look farther, can you know where you want to reach and know how to reach it.

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