Informational Interview #7

When I first met David, I never thought some day I would interview this seeming nerdy and shy guy. But after I worked with him for a while, I found his brilliant nature, which attracted me to learn more about him.

David graduated from Umich two years ago. He did his internship in Quicken when he was a junior student, then he joint the company as a Business Matrix Analyst after his graduation. After one year’s hard work, he transferred to another team as a Data Analyst. When talking about his career path, David showed great passion and clear plans about his profession. He said when he first graduate, he thought having a job was the first priority. So he started from very basic role in the Business Intelligence team. What he did daily was just building and sending reports. However, he was not satisfied doing monkey work every day. So he tried to find opportunities from his work. Except for simply generating the results, he also started to learn how to analyze the attained data and interpret it to his leader. He never missed every chances to learn and grow. After one year, everyone in his team was surprised and admired about his progress and his leader recommended him to look for further learning opportunity. That’s where he realized his passion about data analysis and would want to pursue in the future.

David’s story inspired me a lot. Opportunity is everywhere as long as I want to grow. Even when I feel I was trapped in basic stuff every day, I should still be active to find different perspectives rather than follow the routine.


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