Takeaways Post #5

This summer has definitely made me more comfortable entering recruitment season this senior year looking for a full time opportunity next year.  Going into the summer I knew I wanted to work in finance and do something along the lines of investment banking.  This is a career that you constantly hear about, but there are plenty of other routes you can take within the industry.  After my work this summer I am looking more for a position in equity research or quantitative trading.  I also got the opportunity to take a good look into the private equity and venture capital world and to learn more about the buy-side of the industry.  I hope that after working a few years for a bank on the buy-side that I can make the switch over to PE or VC and focus more on tech/software investing.  We had a few opportunities this summer that pertained to tech deals in the silicon valley area that really gauged my interest.  Another thing I learned was to speak up and ask questions.  My boss brought me along to many meetings and conferences this summer where I met with many experienced people.  I ended up making some meaningful connections and learning a lot buy asking these people questions about their careers and also asking for advice to break into such a competitive industry.  I think the biggest thing I learned however is the power of connections.  My boss started his own firm mainly from connections that he had put together over his 20+ years working in investment banking and private equity.  Most of the opportunities that came in during my time there were from friends of his that he had made connections with in the past through a different deal or a mutual friend.  As we founded Michigan Connecting! I connected with close to 1000 fellow Wolverines working in finance in NYC.  This is one of the major resources I am going to use as I apply for full time jobs this fall.  Overall,  I think this summer prepared me for the technical aspects of the career I hope to break into as well as refined my interpersonal qualities that will help me succeed.

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