Balance with School | #4

Recently, with the start of school, I’ve been facing new challenges with balancing work and school. Several times, even in the first two weeks, I’ve had to miss class in order to go to work. Sometimes, my presence at work wasn’t even meaningful, I merely had to do it for metaphorical attendance points. It has been difficult learning to balance two very important things, as both are occupational. I decided to keep working at my internship through in order to both supplement my income, as well as garner even more experience in software development that makes me more attractive to other prospective employers. However, my classes and learning are equally occupationally important, and it has been clear to me that one occupation has come at the sacrifice of another. So, I was faced with a new challenge of balancing work and school. Thankfully, my immediate superiors at work were very invested in the continuation and success of my schooling, so they proposed that I could work remotely. This involved me finding a desk for my room, bringing all my items from work back home, and setting up any networking issues (such as my phone for conferences, my internet for connection to our database, and access to our private files). This was beneficial because it not only solved the immediate problem of having to work at times when I should be having class, cutting my commute to work, but also allowed me to be more responsive to my coworkers, and allowed for me to be present at meetings with my phone. This obstacle was very worrisome to me initially, as both work and school were very important to me, occupationally, financially, and even emotionally. However, this presents a new obstacle for me, as my actual work at the company will be changed, with the nature of my remote capabilities. It will be an interesting semester to learn how to continue to balance work and school, and likely discover new ways in which I can contribute to Servant Systems product and workflow.

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