Informational Interview 1

When I graduate, I aspire to become a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) and work within the hospital realm while eventually planning to open my own practice. A CRNA is a sub Anesthesiologist who works under the supervision of an Anesthesiologist with the option of also working independently. This career field takes four years of undergrad, one-two years of working in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and three years of post-graduate school. For my interview, I decided to interview a new graduate from Wayne State University because they are not only new to the field but they just completed the process of becoming a CRNA. I learned about the insight of the job and about the new requirements of becoming a CRNA. Previously students were asked to just obtain their Master’s degree as a post graduate and now the new guidelines require students to receive a PHD degree as a post graduate. I also learned that the demand for men to work in the health care field is relatively high and continuously increasing making it relatively easy to receive job offers in different ICU units. Furthermore, I learned that as oppose to Anesthesiologist, CRNA’s do more shift work making it less demanding & stressful for individuals to do their job while remaining happy and fully in tune to what they are doing. Unfortunately, my career interest does not tie into my internship but it does relate to my educational studies. Learning these new things will motivate and inspire me to continue to be a prestigious student during my time here at the University. It encourages me to do all I can to make sure I obtain my title as a CRNA because I am now more excited than I ever have been to follow my career dreams!

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