Blog #6: Connecting my studies to my internship

Even though everybody says that people with a major in psychology are able to get a job in HR, I never really understood the reason why. I always thought that psychology was the study of human behavior, why some brains do work and others don’t. Even though I never learned to apply psychology to my internship, I did find that I loved to do what I did. I got most excited when I got to either interview people or teach them about the different ways they could increase their chances of getting a job or interview (similar to that of a consultant) and I hope to either get a job in HR or as a recruiter in New York.

For this upcoming semester I hope to learn more on organizational psychology since it has more to do with the HR positions and to do recruiting for a full time job for after I graduate. I also hope to do some online courses since there’s a few skills I might need as an HR that is not offered through LSA, such as learning more about SAP and different jobs on the excel. I also hope to connect more with different people in order to increase my chances of getting a job that sponsors, but most important of all, I have to get over my fear of not asking for help when needed since it’s not possible to improve yourself alone.

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