Wrapping Up | #5

My internship at Servant Systems in Ann Arbor as a software engineer and data manager has been an incredibly formative experience. It has impacted me in several occupational, personal, social, and even emotional ways. Primarily, as my first internship, it gave me some insight and grounding in what real work in a software firm looks and feels like. It was difficult at times, but overall rewarding, to learn about, adapt to, and effectively utilize the company professional culture, both in the context of software and a general professional scope. Second, this has been a very powerful personal development. I learned a great deal about interpersonal communication, and making sure that the way I talked to my coworkers balanced respect, empathy, efficiency, friendliness, and urgency (when needed). Furthermore, it helped me discipline myself with making deadlines, being accountable, and even waking up on time and commuting. Third, this internship helped me build and advance relationships with my superiors and other interns. As the other interns also attend the University of Michigan, and even take the same classes as me currently, my internship has produced valuable social relationships, both inside and outside of class. Furthermore, I formed meaningful mentorship relationships with many of the full time employees. These people helped to teach me how to be a better engineer, worker, and person overall. Lastly, as for the emotional component of what this internship granted me, this has been arguably been the most critical part to me. This entry into the field of applied computer science and software engineering has been a great relief to me. Being trained at one of the top programs at one of the top universities in the world is very valuable, but seeing it translated into tangible positions and opportunities has been a great relief to the anxiety of whether or not I can do something with what I have learned. Overall this internship experience has been incredibly educational, and has catalyzed my development in a multitude of ways going forward

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