Blog 4 – Midpoint Check-In

So far, my internship has been a great experience. I have been successful in my goal of bringing a fresh, new perspective into the office at RISE. I have, however, been a bit surprised by the workload I have been assigned. Initially, I had planned on working on a specific project alongside my supervisor, Hayes Grooms. Instead, I have also been put in charge of developing a plan for a possible smartphone app for the company. This project requires me to plan everything the app might be: design, interface, technology, purpose, etc. Though it has been an exciting task, I am admittedly working outside of my expertise. Still, I have been exposed to much about how apps are developed and how they operate on a daily basis. This experience has been particularly valuable to me due to the rise of tech jobs across America over the past decade. Though I may never work in tech, I at least have gained basic understanding of how many things work, which will allow me to better grasp the grand scheme of things in the future. My biggest area for growth would be time management. Since I am working on two projects simultaneously, it is imperative that I plan out my day and stick to the plan in order to complete the work I need to get done each day.

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