Informational blog #1

So the two people I got in contact with were in HR and Marketing respectively. From my contact with them, I became quite curious about why they chose their jobs. I learnt that a lot of different things just come from trying things out and being proactive with my opportunities. I am personally really scared of asking questions and making suggestions but I learnt that there’s a lot of things I can do by just talking and asking. They really helped support me in talking through ideas I had and in actually presenting it to my CEO. The other things I learnt were just different things about the impact I could have in the company and the type of work I could look forward to if I decided one or the other. I think it was slightly difficult to grasp how marketing would end up in a more established company. However by the end of I still think I would be more interested in HR. My plans are to take a marketing class and figure out if it’s a better fit and network with more people in order to find out which one is better fit with me and the major I study.

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