Informational interview #2

Figuring out what you want to do is difficult. One person I reached out to worked with Autistic Children. She talked about how it melded her interests in psychology with her desire to work with underprivileged people. She described how difficult and demanding the work could be and that even though it appealed to her ideals, it wasn’t an easy job by any means. She was happy with her workplace but said that I should be quite certain about my interests. I have had a really strong interest in working in clinical settings as well and she helped clarify some ideas about work life and commitment. This is an area I have been actively trying out both at Towsley and at other opportunities and will explore more later.

The other person I spoke to was a marketing person at Ford. Although I wasn’t 100% interested in cars, I wanted to see what marketing looked like at a larger company. She described her work and it sounded like there were many aspects of the job that were rewarding but a lot wasn’t. There were moments of large impact with tangible results but reward and feedback loops were quite slow. Politics and relationships were also more of an issue at such a large company. Often if you have different points of view with your boss, you have to work a lot to work with them and now against them even when you disagree. This adds more to my reservations about marketing.

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