Future Plans | Blog #4

My internship with Families for Excellent Schools (FES) was not only interesting and informative, but directly impacted both my educational goals and my career plans after college. On an educational level, the staff at FES demonstrated passion and commitment that was extraordinary. I learned that in order to create any kind of change in our educational system, it is important to have hands-on experience in the classroom. As a result, subsequent to the internship, I followed up by contacting Teachers for America and recently visited their program in downtown Detroit. It was positive and informative, and I found the experience so impactful and inspiring that I have applied for a full-time position with that organization after graduation.

Before my internship, I had planned to go straight from college to law school, as I am extremely interested in social change and social justice, but I am more aware now of how very important it is to be able make a difference on an individual or classroom level, as opposed to just working in a legal or more theoretical capacity in order to make policy level changes. Therefore, I think it might be very helpful and extremely fulfilling to take a gap year between college and law school, ideally working for Teachers for America, which is a direct result and benefit of the experience I had this summer interning with Families for Excellent Schools.

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