Goals | #1

During this semester, I hope to create a stable and healthy following for RINF Tech UK on social media, and use my current media packaging skills to enhance the company’s life and reach online. Currently, their company’s life online is next to non-existent, so I plan to leave them with thriving platforms. Through my work with them, I hope to continue honing my media outreach skills and learn how to effectively reach and target audiences I’ve never previously tried to appeal to before. The tech world is completely foreign to me, so I hope to learn about the industry while planning social media posts and researching content.


In the past week, I’ve had two meetings with Brice and Bryan. We’ve discussed our game plan moving forward this semester, including types of social media posts and content we want to share, the platforms on which we’re posting, and a posting schedule. We also discussed their target audience, so I know how to format posts and captions. I’ve researched content for Facebook and Instagram (our main media platforms for now) and gathered posts for this coming posting week. I’ll be posting in the mornings for a couple of weeks to test out the audience and see what times they respond to the best. We also discussed future blog and LinkedIn posts for once I become more comfortable with the terminology in the industry.

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  • October 30, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    Hi Jessica–

    This looks great! I am glad that you are having these meetings with your colleagues! We’re looking forward to reading about your internship as it progresses.



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