Blog #2: Overcoming Challenges

The different time zones make it the biggest challenge for me to communicate with my supervisor during the internship. Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead the US time, so the days and nights in two places are completely reversed. It is hard to get replies back immediately from my supervisor when I have any questions or simply just want to share some useful websites. We later downloaded some instant messaging apps for the sake of easier communication. I have some troubles using Whatsapp at the moment so we chose to use Wechat as our communication tool beside skype and email.

Another problem that I had was due to my bad time management skills. The best time to hold our meetings is the nights in Hong Kong, which is also the days in the US. I have morning classes every day. Having meetings in the morning means I have to get up earlier to prepare for the meeting. On days with heavy workloads, I am more likely to stay up late to finish all the school works and I become exhausted for the whole day. In the beginning of the semester, I wrote down every important school events and homework due dates on my schedule book but I was too lazy to continue with the habit. After I picked up the habit again, I feel that can utilize the time better by setting goals for every day and not wasting time for trivia.

Last week, I changed my draft and did further researches on competitors in the same industry after getting advice from my supervisor. I also organized what I did the week before into tables for easier comparison. Finding more competitors in the travel industry allowed me to understand the current market price of the service and how other companies promote their products. It also gave me a basic idea of promoting our product in the coming weeks by searching for more online travel-related platforms.

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  • December 4, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    This is a great post! It’s really common to experience time zone issues in working internationally, and it sounds like you are in that boat. Time management is also huge–but be sure you make time for self care as well, especially as the semester starts to wrap up.


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