Blog 2: Acclimating to Your Position

Since my “internship” wasn’t really a classic internship, acclimating myself into my daily workplace was also different. I worked as a campus ambassador, so my workplace was not a physical office room, but rather the campus as a whole. Therefore, I was very much already well “adapted” to my physical workplace. As a campus ambassador, I worked in a team with other ambassadors and my supervisors. Work culture and values of my company were delivered through webinars and online video chat conferences. As a campus ambassador, it is absolutely imperative to really live by the values of one’s company. You are essentially a direct representative to others, so your role is it to not only incorporate the values of your company but further spread the values to others. This was not really a struggle for me. I had the advantage that it wasn’t my first campus ambassador job, so I knew how to quickly live by the values of one’s company. In the end, it is fun to convince others of your company’s core values when conducting sales. I see work culture as essential for business success. Only if there are unity and similar thought about accomplishing goals and operating ethically right, can there be business success. I believe that my employers would agree with such a statement. In order for me to grow as a professional, I believe that respect and teamwork should be the foundation of a successful work culture.

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