Blog 4: Overcoming Obstacles

My biggest challenge I faced during my position as campus ambassador was accomplishing my first sale. When starting with my position I initially felt really lost. Everything seemed new and it took a bit of time getting comfortable with “the material,” so that I was able to convince others of the product. Another challenge was simply being able to reach out to my target audience. I was supposed to market to “college students.” However, college students are obviously a very heterogeneous group. I had to find a niche market to target, in order to most effectively plan out my advertising strategies. Finding such a group again took effort and time. Finally, once I identified my actual target audience and being well versed in the details of my product, I still had to make my sales. Just knowing your product and audience doesn’t sell your product. Therefore, I had to leave my comfort zone and actively reach out to students on campus in order to sell the product. I oversaw various marketing events, many of which were well planned but still didn’t guarantee a surge in sales. In the end, what I learned is that as a campus ambassador there are no breaks. It is a 24/7 job, constantly representing your product/company. Only then did I accomplish to make sales successfully and at times when I least expected them.

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