Blog Post #4: Overcoming Challenges

So far, my internship is moderately manageable regarding time and school work. I have about two hours of work every week day, and I work remotely four out of the five days. However, I have multiple lab and studio classes which are three hours each, and managing an internship with these large time blocks is oftentimes difficult. I find that I am sacrificing my homework and study time in order to spend extra hours on work. However, after I realized I was compromising my studying hours in order to accommodate my boss, I learned to be more efficient within the scheduled hours of work.

Another issue to which I have had to learn how to adjust my myself was the time management of commuting to Detroit. I have a five hour work schedule in the office every Wednesday, and I have learned through trial and error how to most efficiently still make my class on north campus at 6PM. Sometimes, I have to leave a bit early from work to accommodate for traffic, but through that I learned how to have a conversation with my coworkers about how I need to leave a bit early for work sometimes.

One of the most stressful parts of my internship is learning how to schedule times for phone conversations. Many times, businesses are only able to converse in the morning hours, and usually I am in class. Therefore, I have learned how to keep a tight agenda and write in every call between classes so I am able to keep everything organized.

For the most part, I love my internship because of how accommodating my coworkers and boss are with my schedule. They understand that I am taking eighteen credits, so if I have a test one day or I am tight with homework, I can always notify them ahead of time in order to work in a more time manageable space with less stress. However, it is still extremely stressful to handle a job as well as school work. In the future, I will most likely create a less impacted schedule if I am planning on taking on another internship in the hopes of having a less stressful semester. I know how I best operate with work and school now, so hopefully next semester or whenever I decide to do another internship, I will be able to foresee time management problems.

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