Blog Post #4: Midpoint Check-in

This past week, I’ve continued to research social influencers and I am in the middle of finalizing a list of social influencers who I will contact within the next week in the hopes that they will want to partner with DetourGuy. In our weekly meeting, we went over my original email draft that would be sent out to these social influencers and I got some feedback from Brian. While I did a lot of things well, there were a few things that Brian wanted me to incorporate in the email. For example, some parts of my email were too passive and I’ve learned when trying to get partnerships, it is necessary to take a more aggressive approach to ensure we get as many responses as possible.

One of the main goals for me when starting this internship was to be able to apply the entrepreneurship skills I’ve gained from my economics courses to a real-world situation. I’ve learned how to adjust to a problem and turn it into something that could benefit the company. I’ve also taken initiative in what I do because Brian has given me a lot of freedom with how I do my market research. I think that to further gain from this experience, I need to change my goals and make them more specific. Now that I know what the goal of the company is, I want my goal to be able to present myself professionally to the social influencers so that even after this internship I will have a strong connection and network because a lot of these social influencers who travel also work on the side and this could be useful to me later. By the end of this internship I want to form at least 3 lasting relationships with these social influencers.

One thought on “Blog Post #4: Midpoint Check-in

  • December 12, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Making goals with yourself around connections is a really good idea. It sounds like you’re using this experience not only to explore your own professional identity but also to build your network, which will only serve to your benefit later.


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