Blog #3: Professional Identity

As I am navigating my internship, I find that part of myself is changing.

One thing that I have changed is to become more confident and decisive. Growing up with my elder sister in the family gave me chances not to speak up for myself in front of people. My sister always made decisions and spoke for me in many situations so I did not need to make any decisions or talk with people. Through the opportunity working with my supervisor, I become more confident to express myself and explain the works I did for the week. I can also point out the difficult parts that I have whiling doing research. My communication and presentation skills also improve as I am more confident to tell my supervisor about my work.

Another thing I did not know about myself was that I had a tendency to deny myself when I think I cannot do it. For example, Brian assigned a task for me to search for 10 to 15 online travel-related platforms that we could ask for future cooperation. Since the idea of experiential gifting is not very common in travel planning industry, it is hard to search for travel-related platforms that it will not be too strange if we launch our products on their websites. I did not believe I could do it at first but I found them at the end.

I had a busy week and I am so glad that Brian understood me and assigned me to fewer tasks. After having a discussion with Brian, he suggested me to divide potential business partners into 3 groups and research on the top 5 experiential gift companies in the purpose of knowing their services and our chance of having a partnership with them. I also created several business partnership email templates that can be used when we ask for business cooperation opportunities.

One thought on “Blog #3: Professional Identity

  • December 12, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    It is great to hear that you are developing your own professional identity! Family dynamics can often make this really tricky, so it’s great that you’re finding ways to actualize this for yourself! Keep up the good work.


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