Blog Post #2: Acclimating to My Position

When I think of the stereotypical work place, I see a dominating boss with his/her employees with a strict set of rules. However, I was pleasantly surprised to come into work and experience such a welcoming environment. There were posters, streamers, and decorations everywhere. The environment really allowed me to easily acclimate into a work setting because it was not intimidating at all. However, I do not know if this would be the case if I was not working at such an energetic nonprofit company such as St. Jude’s. Not only did they accommodate my challenge of being a college student, but they welcomed me with open arms, a banner with my name on it, and presents! It was truly a happy moment for me.

Even with the relaxed environment, I was still able to focus on my tasks and jobs with no problem. I think that a non-intimidating environment is very essential to someone like me—I don’t always do well under pressure, so this happy and exciting environment was a perfect place for me to assimilate into my first job. I really enjoy working in my internship because of how amazing and helpful my coworkers are. Sometimes with internships, people often are pushed to do work that they do not enjoy doing, but my boss tried to plan tasks that I could have fun completing. I know that my future jobs and internships will most likely require me use a more serious side of me, but I also realized that I want to pursue a job that also makes me feel light hearted and happy.

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