Blog Post #6: Final Reflection

While this corporate analyst internship was not what I expected to be doing, I learned a lot from it and it has made me consider a career in marketing. I enjoyed being able to research the market of the company and overseeing decisions of how the company branded itself. This position showed me that being an analyst is exactly what I want to do. Being an analyst involves a lot of critical thinking and analyzing problems as you encounter them. It’s possible to plan for this job but I learned a lot of the time the plan might have to be changed along the way because it’s hard to predict what happens in the market. After graduation, I think I will study to take the CFA exam and see where pursuing an analyst role will take me.

This past week still have been busy with exams. I just finished my last exam yesterday so I am more free to accomplish tasks now for DetourGuy. Today, I will send out the mass email contacting certain social influencers. Brian and I have already reviewed our schedules and set time aside over break in the hopes that some of the social influencers we contacted will want to talk more about partnerships with DetourGuy. Although it is my winter break and I’m excited to have some time off, I’m also very excited to see if any partnerships will arise before the new year.

One thought on “Blog Post #6: Final Reflection

  • December 20, 2017 at 1:52 am

    This is great, Nichole! It sounds like you had a productive internship experience, and it sounds like you developed a clearer sense of your professional identity for post-graduation.


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