Blog #6: Final Reflection

Since the company I am working with is a startup company, I learned a great deal of the work from the very beginning.

Developing hypotheses for the products and having a chance to test them excite me the most. I like how situations and target groups are not binding so I can come up with any reasonable assumptions without limitation on the first step. A moderate amount of research is needed next to understand the industry better and look for partnership with companies. After researching on comparable products, I can test if the hypotheses are correct and if they are correct, we can move on to contact companies that we can cooperate with.

To be more successful in the role, I need to work harder on business communication as I have no previous experience on any formal meeting. Even I have not started any conference calls with any of our potential business partners, the skill is very important and can always be applicable in different positions. One of the responsibilities does not include in this internship is to design and evaluate surveys results from consumers and analyze data by using statistical software. I had an experience in designing questionnaire for my project in my high school but to leverage my questionnaire design and data analytic skills, I am going to take more advanced applied statistics classes in the future. I will also join a business club next year to get more chances to communicate with business leaders. Taking one or two marketing classes for non-ross students also help me understand marketing and learn the skills.

Last week, I sent out follow up emails to most of the invited companies. I got a reply from one of the companies and I asked my supervisor for additional information about the service. However, he has not sent me back the needed material yet. I will also need to call companies that have not replied my email by this week.

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  • January 3, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Great work this semester! It sounds like your internship is wrapping up on a high note!


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