Overcoming Obstacles | #5

Because our internships are global and virtual, time zones are a huge obstacle we face on a daily basis. I didn’t think that this would impact my experience much, but a few weeks into the internship, I was proven otherwise. Having no prior experience in the tech world, I was still trying to juggle my responsibilities while attempting to learn about the industry. I was still contacting my bosses in order to confirm that the content I was publishing was in line with the company’s interests. That said,  email confirmations were becoming less and less frequent, which pushed me to publish content on my own. This allowed me to really take on the role of the social media intern and urged me to be more confident in my own capabilities, even though I don’t have any background in the field.


The past few weeks have all been the same. I’ve been continuing to post on RINF Tech’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, while interacting with users. We took the holiday weeks off from posting, so there’s a null in data. However, we gathered a lead through one of the LinkedIn posts we made a couple of weeks ago for a potential client, but we’re unsure now if it’s a dead end. It seemed promising, and it was helpful to know that our efforts are being used to build our brand and eventually expand our clientele.

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