Blog 1: Goals

Throughout my internship with the Small Arms Survey this semester, I want to draw upon my previous experience with a remote internship and push myself to become even more involved in professional research associated with human rights, peace and conflict resolution and development. These issues are all ones that I would like to explore more before I apply to graduate school for international development. As I graduate in April, I am excited to gain more experience and contacts within the field as I am currently on the job hunt. Therefore, I suppose my ultimate goal from this internship is to hopefully further discern what I want my academic and professional future to look like.

I have not had to do much for my internship as of yet. To this point, my employer has just had me read over MPOME’s past reports. I will be attending Eric Berman’s session at the Hub on Friday and will be meeting him afterwards. I expect to gain more clarity about my duties and responsibilities for the internship at that point. Getting to meet my employer is going to be an invaluable experience as it will provide me an opportunity to form a stronger connection with my employer, more easily understand what is expected of me and ask any questions that I have for Mr. Berman. I am very grateful to everyone in the Hub who helped make this meeting happen.

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  • February 15, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    This is great, Virginia. You are in a slightly different position since you and Eric are going to be meeting in-person to really kick off the internship. I do hope that the past MPOME reports have proven interesting for you.


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