Blog 1 – Zoe

As my global internship begins, it is important for me to start off having a few goals in mind to guide me during my internship. A goal that I personally would like to achieve is to acquire more marketing experience that would translate into skills that I would also use in a full-time job. I am currently undergoing my job search as this internship occurs, and I would like to use the accomplishments and things I have learned to help with interviews as well as the jobs themselves. Another goal is that I would also like to make a meaningful contribution to Userfacet and I hope that the ideas that I share or the projects that I work on will be of use to them.

Over these past couple of weeks I have had my first 2 meetings with my supervisor, Tanuj Shah. During our Skype call, he informed me of the ins and outs of Userfacet’s latest endeavor, their travel app Roadlike. He emailed me the most recent screen designs for the phone application as well as a link and account to the functioning web application. For these next few weeks, I will work on doing more market research on who Roadlike’s consumer is, what they do, and how Roadlike can help their travel experiences.


Senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Art and Design and marketing intern for Userfacet!

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