Global Internship Goals | Blog Post 1

As the third internship I’ve held, I’m very eager to perform and learn as much as I can throughout this international internship. Since this internship is global, I hope to gain an understanding of the way a business in another country runs compared to how businesses in the US run. I have many goals with respect to what I hope to accomplish in this internship but one of the most important is making as many connections as I can with a positive reputation working with Pathway CTM. At some point I hope to live in another country and having connections in London would be a great way to pursue that goal. Networking is key and although it may be more difficult since I am not meeting each employee at Pathway face to face, I still hope to work to the best of my ability for Pathway.

In the past week, I’ve familiarized myself with Pathway’s system of sectors for each career path the student’s they help might take. In this way, I will understand what would be helpful for their students and what may put them ahead in their interviews. In addition, I had a phone call with one of the employees I’ll be working directly with, Megan, about the Mail Chimp service they use to send out newsletter to the students they serve information to.

I’m very excited to continue on in this internship and learn how an international business runs!

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