Blog #2: Overcoming Challenges

During the second week of my global internship I embarked on the tasks set forth by my mentor. We met for a second time via skype and he gave me greater details regarding what exactly I would be responsible for this semester. I had previously been able to access and explore the iOS application and so he answered any questions I had about that. I presented him with the research I had begun to collect. This included a SWOT analysis of the application as well as an analysis of the applications greatest competitors. Next week I will be research what Roadlike does differently from its opponents and determine the best ways to highlight in terms of marketing.

One issue I had encountered in terms of communication with my mentor was the time that we had agreed to meet weekly. I felt that 7:30 AM was very difficult for me to commit to weekly, as I am not the best with rising early. We were able to adjust our meeting time to 10 AM. I am very grateful that my mentor was accommodating of my schedule and am much more content with our weekly skype call meet time. I found that the best strategy to deal with the communication issue between us was to just be open and candid with my mentor. This established a certain level of trust and I will now feel comfortable approaching any future issues we may encounter with confidence and mutual understanding.

One thought on “Blog #2: Overcoming Challenges

  • February 21, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    It’s very important to ensure that you have communication that works for both of you. If you’re not a morning person, a 7:30am Skype call every week isn’t likely to work so well! I’m very glad to hear that you have project work to complete; it sounds like everything is going well for your internship so far.


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