Virtual Internship Struggles | Blog #2

While interning with a company in London, the time difference has become a constant struggle. Replying to an email and getting a response quickly is difficult when the company’s work day is already over and my day has just started. I’m not really a morning person, I’m more of a night owl. But interning with a company in England has forced me to be a morning person with communication limited to the EST mornings while it’s the afternoon in England. This was initially a struggle in trying to maintain a fluid line of communication with who I work with at Pathway.

Secondly, understanding conflicts with people at Pathway’s meetings is always a struggle. Scheduled calls are rarely ever made at the time they were actually scheduled. I’ve started to anticipate this happening and schedule calls in a 2 hour window just in case my advisor’s meeting before runs late.

In the past week, I’ve had a phone call with who I work closest with and learned how to use MailChimp. After learning how to toggle MailChimp, I’ve started to actually create email newsletters for their student subscribers (“school-leavers”). These newsletters are tailored to the sectors in which they are interested and incorporate articles to read, companies to check out, and a quick tip for the job or apprenticeship search.

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