Overcoming Challenges | Blog #2

The overall experience I had for the past two weeks working with UserFacet and the Virtual Internship was excellent. I found it rather enjoyable seeing a product being put into shape and me a part of it. I was able to keep up with Tanuj and he gave me advice and very clear objectives to work with. He also encouraged me to do research outside my field of focus so I can contribute more knowledge to the company. Therefore I primarily conducted research on the overall domain authority and backlinks to Roadlike and the various keywords it used in its description and whether they are effective. I also went further into details of SEO functionings.

At first I thought communication would be an issue as we work virtual across two different time zones. However, I didn’t find much trouble getting in touch with Tanuj as we constantly exchanged emails and set up a meeting time fitting for both of us. The only challenge I can point out is my concern of whether my quality of work is up to standards. Thankfully Tanuj gave me a lot of leads and resources so I understand what is expected of me. I am excited to move forward.


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  • February 22, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    I’m glad you are having such a positive experience, I Hun! It sounds like you might be looking for a little bit more feedback from Tanuj regarding the quality of your work. My recommendation is to just ask! The earlier that you ask, the more time you have during the internship to make any changes that might be necessary.


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