Blog 2: Overcoming Challenges

As I finish my second week of working with Kirsten, I have definitely begun to notice some challenges in terms of communicating. Due to the nature of her work, she is travelling a lot. We were able to Facetime last week. However, this week, although we had scheduled a time to Facetime again, she was unable to answer my call as she was travelling back from the mountains (where she had no service) and straight to Morocco. Some of the specific challenges we seem to be facing lie in Kirsten’s busy schedule with her constantly traveling and the somewhat spotty service she receives. Additionally, I am not able to Facetime with her next week because I too will be travelling for spring break. Fortunately, we were able to communicate via email relatively efficiently and she was still able to give me some work to get started on. Furthermore, both of us are very flexible with dates and times so as long as she has service and once spring break is over, I am hoping we will not run into these challenges as often.

Despite the challenges with respect to communication, I was able to get started on working towards an agency she is hoping to build to expand her brand. I worked on researching, via social media and google, some really cool and talented female adventure sports photographers to possibly join her team. Additionally, I researched some social media planning apps that would work best for what she needs to expand her presence on social media. I came up with two that we were discussing, Hootsuite and, but am going to continue researching to see if I can find one that is free for an extended period of time.

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  • February 23, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    I’m glad that you are able to use email in the place of FaceTime or some other video conferencing service. It can be very difficult to make video calls work across time zones and countries the way that they need to here, and that sounds like it’s being amplified by Kirsten’s travel schedule. If you find that email stops working as a way to communicate, I encourage you to reach out to Kirsten and let her know that. She’ll probably be very accommodating of other arrangements to make sure you’re successful!


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