Overcoming Challenges | Blog #2

For the past two weeks, I realised that because I know much less about the company compared to the creators of it, I could be finding information that they have already known about. The communication could sometimes feel like a repeat and a waste of time, but I know that it would benefit me to learn more about what was done with the information. My strategy to face this challenge was to note everything that was said about, for example, a method, and just continue my research to try and understand why that did or didn’t work and then move forward from there.

During the first week, I was a little lost regarding the direction of research, but after understanding more about the product that I’m working on and the direction that its expansion is going, I have a clearer understanding of the vision of the company for this product. This week, my research is much more narrowed by only focusing on certain important questions regarding the expansion and marketing of this product. Now, I would start my week with as many guiding questions as possible, in the perspective of the creators, the current user and the potential users. This will help guide my research and also give me a stronger direction.

One thought on “Overcoming Challenges | Blog #2

  • February 23, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    It’s great to hear that your project has narrowed down to a manageable point! It can be very difficult to work effectively when the project is too broad for you to conceptualize effectively. I’ll look forward to reading more about how your project progresses from here.


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