Blog #3: Professional Identity

As I continue on my virtual internship journey I have gained valuable insight on my personal professional identity. My first two years at the University of Michigan I was on a pre-dental track, set on pursing a career as an oral surgeon. After a summer reflecting on my future and living in New York City I decided that I no longer wanted that future. I embarked upon my junior year with new goals and aspirations focusing on my passions for marketing, advertising, and brand management. I was able to facilitate these passions by joining the Michigan Advertising and Marketing Club and getting hired as a Brand Ambassador for Soap & Glory cosmetics. My social media and marketing internship with Userfacet was a marker for major accomplishment within my career transition. As I continue to work with my mentor and research for the company I feel proud of how far I have come and reassured that I am now doing a job more fit for who I am. I feel energized and excited about the field I am contributing to and genuinely get excited about what I am studying rather than dreading taking the Dental Admissions Test or spending the next eight years of my life in school.

This week my mentor and I met and spoke about how the field of marketing has changed drastically with the explosion of social media. I did not do any work for the company over spring break so it was a more informal chat about marketing in general as well as his role in the company. We planned for a check-in next week on my project progress.

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